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NOREES Industrial Hoses / Technical Hoses

Here you can find industrial hoses for technical applications and suitable connecting parts.
NORRES antistatic hoses are equipped with a non-migrating antistatic agent. This means these polyurethane hoses offer consistently uniform conductivity during the conveyance or extraction of bulk materials. Almost every NORRES antistatic hose meets national and international standards and regulations and can, for example, be used to ground metal spirals in accordance with TRBS 2153.Electrically conductive hoses from NORRES meet many national and international standards such as the European ATEX Directive and TRBS 2153. The electrically conductive hoses manufactured by NORRES are therefore suitable for connecting and grounding all conductive components, for extraction and conveying in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as for conveying flammable bulk goods.

AIRDUC PUR 356 EC (Xtra High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

EVA 373 EC Malaysia,Singapore

Abrasion-resistant polyurethane hoses from NORRES can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Polyurethane hoses are flexible and suitable for conveying and extracting various media or can even be used as fan hoses. Thanks to the premium quality polyurethane used, these plastic hoses from NORRES have a particularly long life-span.

AIRDUC PUR 355 AS TWIN COLOR (High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PUR 355 EC (High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PUR 355 FOOD (High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

Food hose serve to convey food and are available in a variety of models. The conveyance of food requires resistance to cleaning solutions and high temperatures, and the hoses must also be flexible and able to withstand being driven over by vehicles.

AIRDUC PUR 350 FOOD-AS (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PUR 351 FOOD (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

CP PTFE-INOX 475 FOOD FOOD Malaysia,Singapore

Heat-resistant hoses, fabric hoses, and silicon hoses from NORRES can withstand temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees and, for continuous operation, around 500 degree less. This type of specialised hose is made from pipe matting or is coated on the inside with heat-resistant high-tech materials. These braided or woven hoses are flexible and suitable for many requirements. They can be used as cable or hose insulation, as well as for repairing components that need to be protected from heat or sparks.

AIRDUC PUR 351 HT (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC TPE 363 (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

CP ARAMID 461 Malaysia,Singapore

The high quality air conditioning and ventilation hoses from NORRES are light and flexible and can be quickly and safely connected to standard threads with a perfect seal. NORRES provides certified, fireproof A/C hoses for use in rail vehicles through to light A/C hoses for air conditioners or for use as extraction hoses.

AIRDUC PUR 350 AS BLACK (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PUR 352 SE (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PUR 352 SE RAILWAY (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

These hoses offer impressive properties such as abrasion resistance, which is 4 times higher than that of soft PVC hoses, and NORRES PUR hoses are proven to offer better durability such as for conveying processes. Heightened operational reliability combined with very high mechanical strength mean that our range of flexible hose products can be used in a wide variety of applications.

NORFLEX PUR 441 ROBOTIC Malaysia,Singapore

PROTAPE PUR 301 AS (Xtra Low Duty) Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam,Combodia,Laos,Myanmar,Thailan

NORRES has suitable accessories for its hose solutions including hose clamps and connecting components, which offer a perfect fit and thus optimal impermeability. You can find connecting components which match the requirements in all fields for a variety of uses. NORRES Clamp and NORRES Connect components are guaranteed to be high quality and a perfect fit, making them ideal for long-term use and a suitable hose solution for all hose applications in industry and crafts.

CLAMP 208 Malaysia,Singapore

CLAMP 210 BRIDGE CLAMP Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam,Combodia,Laos,Myanmar,Thai

CLAMP 211 Malaysia,Singapore

Choosing the right welding fume hose can provide a decisive boost to productivity. NORRES provides a large range of special exhaust hoses made from plastic and fabric. These are also traversable, are protected against chafing and have optimised flow properties.

AIRDUC PE 362 EC (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PE 362 FOOD (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PVC 341 (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

NORRES has a wide range of extraction and conveying hoses which are suitable for a variety of applications thanks to their antistatic and flame retardant properties. The choice of a lightweight or heavy duty hose depends on the intended application. Important: NORRES’s hoses feature a non-migrating antistatic agent whose effects are permanent.


AIRDUC PUR 351 EC (Medium Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

AIRDUC PUR 355 AS (High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

NORRES vacuum and pump hoses are flexible suction/extraction hoses that feature long service lives. Depending on the area of application, these vacuum and pump hoses are available in very light, light, medium-weight and heavy-duty versions. As a result, the majority of NORRES vacuum and pump hoses are flexible and able to be used for a variety of purposes.

AIRDUC PUR 356 FOOD (Xtra High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

BARDUC PUR-INOX 382 FOOD-AS (Xtra High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

NORPLAST PUR 387 (Xtra Xtra High Duty) Malaysia,Singapore

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