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TUODIAO T-E6D-EX CNC SIX SIDED DRILLING MACHINE THREE BORING HEAD  Six Sided Drilling Machine T-E6-EX Serial  CNC Six Sided Drilling Machine

CNC Sided Drilling Machine
CNC Sided Drilling Machine
CNC Sided Drilling Machine
CNC Sided Drilling Machine

CNC Six Sided Drilling Machine Three Boring Head T-E6D-EX
  • Drilling on six sides of the workpiece at one time, and grooving on the front and back sides.
  • Multi-shift production possible, easy to learnThe production efficiency can reach 2.2-2.6pieces/min. 8 hours capacity up to 260 cubic metersExpand structure-310 cubic metersExpand structure.
  • Single machine minimum board support 35mmX70mm, can be produced as a whole.
  • The feeding and discharging table is full of air flotation holes, which can effectively protect the work from being damaged during the sliding process.
  • The purchase of long guide rails for the Y axis ensures maximum processing efficiency, Double gripper and automatic side abutting device ensure the stability of the workpiece during the movement.
  • Open docking interface, compatible with xml, BAN, mpr and other formats, seamless docking with the design and dismantling software, no programming is required, and the barcode can bescanned.

2. Product Features

  • Imported gantry milling processing on the overall frame effectively guarantees the stability and accuracy of the frame structure.
  • The frame is annealed to eliminate stress and increase the stability of the frame (guaranteed 10-year service life of the frame).
  • Has the national exclusive patent - three-speed intelligent lifting gripper.
  • It is convenient to load the board (When feeding, the
  • gripper is 0.2-0.3mm lower than the table top).
  • Avoid scratches on the board (The gripper is 0.1mm higher
  • than the table during empty running).
  • The accuracy of the horizontal hole of the small plate (the gripper is flat on the table during processing).
  • Accurately grasp the hole position, with dust removal function. Adaptive gripper change function (reduce the number of grippers).

  • Exclusive customized row drill package.
  • Integrated drill pack (built-in auxiliary pressure roller).
  • The use efficiency of double-row drills reaches 90%, and the production efficiency is increased by 30%-45%.
  • The minimum vertical hole processing distance is 60mm.
  • The minimum vertical horizontal hole processing distance is 128mm.
  • The minimum horizontal hole processing distance in the horizontal direction is 210mm.

  • Customized 3D Home System.
  • Exclusive dynamic acceleration algorithm.
  • Slotting Adaptive Speed ​​Algorithm.
  • Algorithm for dynamic positioning of special-shaped plates.
  • Minimum tool lift machining path algorithm.
  • The tool slot can adjust the offset at will.
3. Product technical parameters

Six Sided Drilling Machine Configuration Table
NO Matter Details   Illustrate Remark
1 Basic information Basic information Device model T-E6D-EX
Three Boring Head
2 Processing range Processing plate size range: Length range 70MM-2750MM  
Width range 35MM-1200MM  
Thickness range 12-50MM  
Processing type
Processing hole type: see process details Cutter  
Door reaming processing method (whether independent drilling group) Upper drilling package Integrated in the upper drill package
Special-shaped plate (whether it can be processed) Can be processed  
Six-sided drill gripper (fixed or not) Smart three-level function Exclusive patent
3 Device Configuration Drill package parameters Drill package quantity Upper drilling package X2
Lower drilling package X1
Quantity of drill bits for upper left drilling package 12 vertical drills, 6 horizontal drills, 12 auxiliary cylinders  
Quantity of drill bits for upper right drilling package 12 vertical drills, 6 horizontal drills, 12 auxiliary cylinders  
Quantity of drill bits on the lower drilling package 6 vertical drills, 2 auxiliary cylinders  
Auxiliary pressure plate quantity of drill package 12 built-in drill packages are integrated as a whole  
Quantity of upper spindles 3.5KW spindle X2 sets  
Quantity of lower spindles 3.5KW spindle X2 sets  
Basic parameters Program docking (file format) MPR/XML/DXF/BAN  
Usage mode (automatic connection usage) Can be used alone or online  
Scan Mode (Scan Method) QR code scanning  
Total equipment power About 23KW  
Working pressure 0.8Mpa/m2  
Equipment net weight About 3700KG  
Travel of each axis & maximum positioning speed & power X axis 130M/min/750W  
Y axis 80M/min/1.5KW  
Z axis 50M/min/1.5KW  
U axis 130M/min/750W  
V axis 80M/min/750W  
W axis 50M/min/750W  
A axis 80M/min/750W  
Z2 axis 50M/min/1.5KW  
Y2 axis 80M/min/1.5KW  
Equipment size Long 4300MM  
Width 2250MM  
High 2170MM  

Main equipment and its advantages

The main production equipment

  Device name Equipment brand Quantity
The main production equipment High-precision automatic pentahedron gantry machining center Imported from Taiwan AWEA 5
High Precision Vertical CNC Machining Center CARLOS 6
Welding Robot JAPAN OTC 8
Laser Fiber Metal Cutting Machine BAI SHENG 2
Laser Interferometer U.K. RENISHAW 2
Ballbar U.K. RENISHAW 2
Vibration Aging Meter SHENHUA 2
Bending machine   4
Sawing machines, milling machines, punching machines, etc.    

Equipment advantage

  CNC products are processed through cutting, welding, machining, painting and other processes of raw materials such as steel, square tubes, and aluminum, and then assembled with other finished assemblies to produce CNC six-sided drills, which belong to other engineering machinery manufacturing industries. General equipment manufacturing industry.
  From the purchase of raw materials into storage, the square tubes of raw materials are cold drawn through high-precision welding robots/water platform to weld the frame frame, the aging vibrometer is used to eliminate stress, and the frame is put into the five-axis machining center for drilling and tapping processing, using Vertical milling machine horizontal platform, beam, corbel and other precision machining parts, and then into the painting, assembly, testing, inspection packaging, storage.

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